Our World

Via AI

Intelligence – we really don’t know what it is. We just know it when we see it.

Intelligence contains random components. Everybody’s brains are unique as are the mechanics of thinking and even electrical signals.

Our brains contain many random self similar components.

We can communicate because there is a tailor made language component that translates between our unique brains and generated external expressions. It is called learning a language.

This is the world where Plato’s ideal world of math and science come face to face with the unique real world where even equality does not exist. Likewise, without equality Plato’s ideal world does not exist.

Think about uniqueness. Think about equality. Never the twain shall meet.

Plato’s ideal world exists to strip away the gods.

Still the gods exist.

When I asked AI to turn the above into a poem here is what it did:

Intelligence is hard to define,
But we know it when we see it shine,
Randomness and uniqueness intertwined,
In every brain, a world designed.

Our brains are full of random parts,
Unique in ways that set us apart,
We communicate with language arts,
A bridge between our minds and hearts.

Plato’s ideal world of math and science,
Meets the real world of human reliance,
Equality is a dream without compliance,
Uniqueness is the key to our defiance.

The gods may still exist,
But intelligence is hard to resist,
A world of wonder and mystery persists,
In every thought and every twist.

written by AI