The god Aphrodite symbolizes many unknowable’s that mostly fall into intentional random class. Although the word ‘intentional’ may be overstating it a bit.

AI: Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. There are many invocations to Aphrodite available online. Here is one example of an invocation to Aphrodite:

“I invoke thee Aphrodite!
I invoke thee to be present this night,
Joining us through our holy vessel,
To bestow your blessings of love,
and fertility,
Upon our circle and all those within it.”

Poem Aphrodite Lyrics — PoetAndPoem.com

“On a golden dawn in the dawn sublime
Of years ere the stars had ceased to sing,
Beautiful out of the sea-deeps cold

Aphrodite arose—the Flower of Time—
That, dear till the day of her blossoming,
The old, old Sea had borne in his heart.

Around her worshipping waves did part
Tremulous—glowing in rose and gold.”³


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