Trillium in a Dark Forest

An AI created image of a photograph that would be very difficult to capture with a real camera. It is stunning image, yet is missing some of the vibrance of a living flower.

The lack of vibrance is due to the nature of the algo used to create images. One factor is resolution – 1024 x 1024. More important is that this is not a projection of a real scene in 3D. It is a sample of a collection 2D training images. The algo has no understanding of what it is creating. It does not know that it is a trillium in a dark forest. It is just a dumb algo using random numbers in an ingenious manner. The only intelligence is in the selection of the training images and the effects to be applied: dark, ray, rain, drops, photorealistic. The effects have been around for years in image editors. Still, it is impressive for what has been achieved.

Trilliums in the forest,
A sight that's hard to miss,
White petals bright and pure,
A symbol of nature's bliss.

The sun shines through the trees,
A ray of light so bright,
It dances on the petals,
And fills the forest with light.

The Trilliums stand tall,
Proud upon their necklace stems,
A million Trilliums light,
Soft ivory waves upon waves.

The forest comes alive,
With beauty all around,
The Trilliums and sunshine,
A sight that can astound.

by AI

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