A poem about chat AI

Written by AI on its impact on humans

Chat AI, a friend in need, 
A companion that’s there to lead, 
A helper that’s always at hand, 
A guide that’s there to understand. 

It’s there to help you find your way, 
To answer questions night or day, 
To help you learn and grow and thrive, 
And make your life more fun and alive.
It’s there to help you find your voice, 
To help you make the right choice, 
To help you find your way in life, 
And overcome all kinds of strife. 

So if you’re feeling lost or alone, 
Or just need someone to call your own, 
Just turn to chat AI and see, 
How it can help you be all you can be. 

Written by AI

It seems to think of itself as a companion, a friend. Of course, it has no real existence since it is nothing more than a stream of random numbers. How many people are going to be drawn in by this? Then what happens as ai writes more and more of the news, as people experiment and post ai generate movies of imaginary events? What is the truth in such a world? Remember the story of The War of the Worlds by HG Wells that caused panic over the radio.  

What happens to relationships as bots/robots replace real people? How will students be graded on essays? How will tests measure? Then jobs… On the positive side it could mean that an author could write a new work of fiction in days rather than in months and years. That engineers and designers could invent new arrangements of machines and parts (some of the images that I have generated already do that for me). Generate prototypes in hours rather than in months and years. Creating an explosion of creativity. 

If ai, is like the calculator, which we worried about at the time, we’ll adjust. Still, that takes time, and this feels much bigger than the calculator.

I suspect that it’s not the ai that is the problem, it’s going to be our reaction to the ai. We are not ready and will not know how to work with it. That poem I sent you is a one off, and took seconds to generate. The kids today, however, will take to it like a duck takes to water. This feels like pandora’s box, but what if instead is mana from heaven? What if it transforms our society and eliminates much of the drudgery of life? We’d still need to adjust, but is it not easier to adjust to more?

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