Don’t blame AI

Will AI impact us? Yes, but it also will transform our society for the good. It will eliminate much of the drudgery, the boredom, and the negatives that we have today. Creativity will explode. It is already happening.

A futuristic home interior with a wall-mounted GPU cluster humming softly. The cluster is glowing, indicating its active state. A family is gathered around a holographic screen, interacting with an AI assistant that’s powered by the cluster.

Our ability to communicate will expand – that includes communication between species.

woman talking to fur daughter using neurallink
Woman talking to fur daughter using Neuralink

Sara and Selene

Sara had an idea. She had recently heard about a new technology called Neuralink that allowed humans to communicate directly with animals. She wondered if it would work with her and Selena.

So she went to the Neuralink clinic and had the chip implanted in her and Selena’s brain. After the surgery, she was able to feel that Selena was there using her thoughts.

At first, Selena was confused. She had never heard Sara’s voice in her head before. But soon she realized what was happening and started to communicate back. After a period of learning a basic set of words, it was time to see Selena would respond in a real world setting.

“Selena, we’re going to the seashore today!” Sara said excitedly in her mind.

“The seashore? What’s that?” Selena in return asked.

“It’s a place where the land meets the sea. There are lots of waves and sand and seashells,” Sara explained.

“Wow! That sounds like fun!” Selena said.

“It will be! We’re going to play fetch in the waves,” Sara said.

“Fetch? What’s that?” Selena asked.

“It’s a game where I throw a ball and you run after it and bring it back to me,” Sara explained.

“Oh, I love that game!” Selena said.

And so they set off for the seashore. When they arrived, Selena was amazed by all the sights and sounds. She had never seen anything like it before.

They played fetch in the waves for hours, laughing and having fun. And as the sun began to set, they sat on the beach together and watched as the sky turned orange and pink.

“Thank you for bringing me here, Sara,” Selena said.

“You’re welcome, Selena,” Sara replied. “I’m glad we could share this experience together.”

And with that, they headed back home, happy and tired from their day at the seashore.

Written by AI

Will AI be misused by some? Yes, but that is the fault of the individual. Not AI.

AI is a wonderful tool as it now exists for humans.

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