Experimenting with media styles

Back when I was in graduate school I remember walking out a probability class on time series on my way back to married student housing. On my way was a small plain knoll with a lone pine tree with a few rocks and gravel scattered about. I remember thinking ‘now how would I model such a odd random scene as I looked down’. I had no answer. Later I would discover spatial statistics, but it was still incapable of modeling that scene.

So this series is an attempt to recreate that scene that I saw 50 years ago. I did not get close, still with AI I am able to create the feeling of that scene.

As an experiment I also created these images in different media styles. Note that currently the image creation always creates a new image. So all the following are unique.

Now in watercolor

In charcoal

In oils

In pen and ink

In air brush

In oil with a wide house paint brush

Using finger painting

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