Mushrooms in a Forest

Long stemmed mushrooms in a dark forest with a ray of sunshine

White long stemmed mushrooms

by AI

White long stemmed mushrooms
Growing on a tree
In a dark forest
With a ray of sunshine

The mushrooms stand tall
On the bark of the tree
Their stems reaching out
To the light they can see

The forest is quiet
But the mushrooms don’t mind
They grow and they thrive
In the shade they can find

The ray of sunshine
Is a welcome sight
It brings warmth and light
To the mushrooms’ delight

They soak up the sun
And they grow even more
Their caps turn to gold
As they reach for the floor

The tree stands so tall
And the mushrooms so small
But together they thrive
In this forest so raw

So if you ever find yourself
In a dark forest one day
Look up at the trees
And see what they say

For there’s beauty in nature
And life all around
Just look for the mushrooms
Growing on the ground.

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