Nyx and Gaia

Nyx is the Greek god of night and Gaia is the Earth. Nyx, with her black velvet wings is looking out over a sea with Gaia in the sky at sunset.

Nyx and Gaia

As the sun sets in the west
Nyx emerges from her nest
She spreads her wings of velvet black
And covers the sky with her starry track

She looks down at the earth below
And sees her lover’s gentle glow
Gaia’s face is pale and blue
A contrast to Nyx’s dark hue

They smile and greet each other’s sight
They share a moment of delight
They feel each other’s warmth and grace
They feel each other’s embrace

They talk of all that they have done
Of all the joys and pains they’ve known
They thank each other for their care
They thank each other for being there

They watch the sun dip in the sea
And paint the clouds with fiery glee
They see the colors of the night
Reflected in each other’s light

They kiss and bless each other’s rest
The rest of dreaming and of peace
They part with a promise to meet again
At the next day’s release

Written by AI

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